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Share some VCA6-DCV 1V0-621 exam questions and answers below.
When powering off a vApp, in which order are the virtual machines powered off?

A. From highest to lowest startup order.

B. In the order in which they were powered on.

C. In alphabetical order by virtual machine name.

D. From highest to lowest network bandwidth consumption.

Answer: A

What are three ways Data Center Virtualization can be beneficial? (Choose three.)

A. It decentralizes resource management.

B. It increases hardware utilization.

C. It enables the policy-based allocation of resources.

D. It reduces capital and operating costs.

E. It reduces application provisioning time.

Answer: ABD

An operator installs an OS to a new virtual machine (VM) using a DVD inserted into the ESXi host. Later, the operator notices that a vMotion migration on the new VM fails. What action needs to be taken in order for the vMotion migration to succeed?

A. Remove the DVD from the ESXi host.

B. Add a virtual CD/DVD drive to the VM.

C. Add a CD/DVD drive to the target ESXi Host.

D. Disconnect the CD/DVD drive from the VM.

Answer: C

Which two features of vSphere helps organizations plan for disaster recovery? (Choose two).

A. Data Protection

B. High Availability

C. Fault Tolerance

D. vSphere Replication

Answer: AD

What two objects can be managed when selecting a vSphere Distributed Switch from the Network inventory hierarchy in the vSphere Web Client? (Choose two.)

A. Distributed Ports

B. Distributed Port Groups

C. Uplink Port Groups


Answer: AB

Which three chart styles are available when viewing performance metrics in the vSphere web client? (Choose three.)

A. Pie chart

B. Bar chart

C. Scatter chart

D. Line chart

E. Histogram chart

Answer: ADE

Which three prerequisites are needed to use the VMware Remote Console? (Choose three.)

A. Network IP Configured.

B. Guest Operating System installed.

C. VMware Tools installed.

D. VMware Tools installation ISO attached.

E. Virtual machine is powered on.

Answer: ACE

Which two vSpheie 6.x technologies simplify management in data centers with multiple vCenter instances? (Choose two.)

A. Distributed Resource Scheduler

B. Content Library

C. Long Distance vMotion

D. vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer: BC

Which two issues do organizations hope to solve with Data Center Virtualization? (Choose two.)

A. High inefficiency of the Data Center

B. High operating expenses

C. Low bandwidth utilization

D. Increased CPU utilization

Answer: A, B

An organization with 3 separate datacenters is looking to standardize their virtual machine templates.

What vSphere feature will allow them to centrally manage the distribution of the VM templates to all 3 datacenters?

A. Content Library

B. Long Distance vMotion

C. vMotion

D. Storage DRS

Answer: A

Which storage feature allows common management across storage tiers and dynamic storage classes in the Software-Defined Data Center?

A. VMware Certificate Authority


C. Platform Services Controller

D. Storage Policy-Based Management

Answer: D

Which two statements are true regarding Tags? (Choose two.)

A. Previously used Custom Attributes can be migrated to Tags.

B. All functionality supported by Custom Attributes is supported by Tags.

C. Different Tags can be organized into Tag Categories.

D. Individual Tags can be associated with one or more object types.

Answer: BD

What are two benefits that virtual machines provide over physical machines? (Choose two.)

A. VMs with different operating systems can run on the same physical machine.

B. VMs can be isolated from one another on the same network switch.

C. VMs can access large Storage Area Networks (SANs).

D. VMs can be isolated from one another even on the same physical machine.

Answer: AD

Which storage format can be used to deploy datastores on block storage devices?




D. Virtual Volumes

Answer: C

Which two storage virtualization technologies can be used to mitigate the effects of latency during peak load periods? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Volumes

B. Virtual SAN

C. Storage I/O Control

D. Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler

Answer: CD

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