Practice ISM V4 DEA-1TT4 Dumps

Associate-Information Storage and Management Version 4 DEA-1TT4 exam focus on information storage and management in a data center. Before you decide to take DEA-1TT4 exam, you need to master the following topics.

Modern Data Center Infrastructure (15%)
Describe the data classification, elements of a data center, key characteristics of a data center, and key technologies driving digital transformation
Explain the cloud characteristics, cloud service models, and cloud deployment models
Explain the key characteristics of big data, components of a big data analytics solution, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI)
Describe the building blocks of a modern data center
Describe a compute system, storage, connectivity in a data center, application, and options to build a modern data center

Storage Networking Technologies (20%)
Describe Storage Area Network (SAN), FC architecture, FC topologies, zoning, and virtualization in FC SAN
Describe TCP/IP, IP SAN, iSCSI protocol, components, connectivity, addressing, discovery domains, and VLAN
Explain the components and connectivities of FCIP and FCoE

Storage Systems (26%)
Explain the components of an intelligent storage system, RAID, erasure coding, data access methods, scale-up and scale-out architectures
Explain the components of block-based storage system, storage provisioning, and storage tiering mechanisms
Explain the NAS components and architecture, NAS file sharing methods, and file-level virtualization and tiering
Describe object-based storage device components, functions, operations, and unified storage architecture
Describe software-defined storage attributes, architecture, functions of the control plane, software-defined extensibility, and software-defined networking functionalities

Backup, Archive, and Replication (24%)
Describe the information availability measurements and key fault tolerance techniques
Explain backup granularity, architecture, backup targets, operations, and backup methods
Describe data deduplication and data archiving solutions architecture
Describe replication uses, and replication and migration techniques Security and Management (16%)
Describe the information security goals, terminologies, various security domains, and threats to a storage infrastructure
Explain key security controls to protect the storage infrastructure
Describe the storage infrastructure management functions and processes

We provide 10 free questions of DELL EMC ISM V4 DEA-1TT4 dumps, which are part of the full version. Practice ISM V4 DEA-1TT4 FREE dumps below.

1. A company is planning to perform a cloud-based backup. They want to send their data over a public network to a cloud backup device. Which security control mechanism helps to protect the data from an attacker?


2. If a company has experienced a passive attack on its IT infrastructure, how is the company’s security impacted?


3. What is a key advantage of implementing FCIP?


4. What is an advantage of deploying a purpose-built, disk-based backup appliance in a data center environment?


5. What accurately describes a software-defined architecture?


6. What is an accurate statement about Governance?


7. What accurately describes an iSCSI HBA?


8. When using the erasure coding technique in an object-based storage system, data is divided into 12 data
segments and 4 coding segments.What is the maximum number of disk drive failures against which data is protected by the configuration?


9. What is a key advantage of cloning a virtual machine (VM)?


10. A company is using an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) to scan and analyze intrusion events. Which IDPS technique uses a database that contains known attack patterns?


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