E20-655 Isilon Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

E20-655 exam is a qualifying exam for the Isilon Platform Engineer Specialist track.

E20-655 exam focuses on the diagnostic tools available in an Isilon system that enable
administrators to diagnose and investigate issues. Topics include system events,
system logs, job engine, and system commands, as well as log analysis, identifying
data protection issues, and troubleshooting SmartPools, network, and SmartConnect

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Exam Topics

Job Engine
OneFS Architecture
Cluster architecture review
OneFS module functionality
Cluster configuration change process
System Commands Overview
Support and compound commands
Using commands
Restricted commands
Sysctl commands
Log Analysis
Gathering logs
Key log entries
CLI log searches
Automated CLI log searches
System Events
Events architecture and overview
Working with system events
CELOG troubleshooting
Job Engine
Job engine architecture
Jobs and job configuration settings
Default job priorities and impact policies
Job engine management
System Statistics
SNMP configuration
SNMP internals
Using isi statistics
Network Connectivity Issues
Network fundamentals
Link aggregation
Wireshark basics
Basic packet analysis
Cluster splits
SmartConnect Issues
SmartConnect and DNS
Integration of pools, subnets, and SmartConnect
Access zones and SmartConnect
Understanding where issues occur
Issue overview
Analyze network issues
Analyze cluster issues
Analyze client issues
Data Protection and Layout
SmartPools troubleshooting skills
SmartPools service and job issues
File Pool Policy issues
Upgrade basics
General upgrade steps
Upgrade commands
Firmware updates
Disk firmware updates

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