E20-598 Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

E20-598 exam is a qualifying exam for the EMC Storage Administrator (EMCSA) Avamar Specialist track.

E20-598 exam focuses on ensuring individuals are knowledgeable in Avamar concepts and terminology. The exam requires the successful candidate to demonstrate the knowledge required to administer and monitor an Avamar backup solution in single and multi-node environments. This exam covers supported Avamar configurations and editions, including Avamar Data Store and Avamar Virtual Edition. In addition, Avamar integration with database applications, NDMP and clustered environments are covered.

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Exam Topics

Avamar Fundamentals
Avamar features and functionality
Avamar system architecture, components, and processes
Avamar server daily maintenance activities such as:
HFS checks
Garbage collection
Avamar Virtual Edition
Avamar Virtual Edition solutions, including:
Deployment situations
Requirements and sizing
Benefits, options, and features
Avamar Management
Avamar tools used to perform system monitoring (including Backup and Recovery Manager), maintenance, and capacity management
Configuring and performing backups and restores
Avamar replication solutions
Best practices for configuring an Avamar backup environment such as scheduling
Conducting Avamar server daily maintenance activities (HFS checks, checkpoints and garbage collection)
Avamar integration with EMC Data Domain, database/e-mail/clustered applications, NDMP, and virtual environments

1.Which hash type represents an individual data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?
A. Atomic
B. Root
C. Composite
D. Metadata
Answer: A

2.For each file that is backed up in an EMC Avamar system, how many total bytes are added to the file
A. 20
B. 24
C. 40
D. 44
Answer: D

3.What are three types of EMC Avamar hashes?
A. Composite, Root, and Atomic
B. Root, Atomic, and Index
C. Composite, Atomic, and Stripe
D. Root, Atomic, and Parity
Answer: A

4.What is used by EMC Avamar to provide system-wide fault tolerance?
A. RAID, RAIN, Checkpoints, and Replication
B. RAID, RAIN, Checkpoints, and HFS check
C. Asynchronous crunching, Parity, RAIN, and Checkpoints
D. HFS check, RAIN, RAID, and Replication
Answer: A

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