E20-591 online test-Backup Recovery Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects

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1. A potential EMC customer is currently using Symantec NetBackup for backups to physical tapes. Their current weekly full backup is taking about 50 hours to complete and they are shipping tapes offsite for disaster recovery purposes. The customer would like to accomplish three goals:
Reduce network utilization during backups
Eliminate tape usage to minimize cost
Continue using Symantec NetBackup for backups
Which EMC product and network protocol is recommended for backups?


2. A company is considering EMC backup applications. They have a large 20 TB Microsoft Exchange environment generating 1 TB of transaction logs daily.
Which EMC backup solution can support daily backups of the environment?


3. A backup administrator has been using tape to back up their large database servers. In order to provide disaster recovery, they occasionally ship tapes to a second data center. They are concerned with the amount of storage media consumed. They also are concerned about the security of transporting physical tape.
What can be done to address their concerns?


4. A customer wants to perform backups of their multiple branch offices, all of which have large database servers with high change rates. Because of their distributed environment, they want to avoid sending large amounts of data over the WAN. In addition, the customer wants to have centralized management of all backup activities.
What is a recommended solution?


5. A service provider has an EMC Avamar server supporting many of their customer’s backup requirements. They need to create customized reports for each customer for billing purposes. Currently, existing reports on Avamar do not meet this requirement.
How can the service provider generate customized reports?


6. A company located in Amsterdam has recently acquired a company in Rome. Since both locations have their own file servers containing sensitive data, they want to back up everything to their central backup repository in Amsterdam.
The customer only has a 2 Mb/s connection between both locations. Which EMC product is recommended to back up everything to the Amsterdam office?


7. A customer is responsible for managing several independent backup environments consisting of EMC NetWorker, Avamar, and IBM TSM servers. The customer needs to monitor system state backups of production servers across all backup environments from a central location.
Which EMC solution is recommended?


8. You are asked to provide a new customer with an integrated EMC NetWorker solution. The requirements state that the solution should leverage deduplication as well as provide NetWorker awareness of replicated copies of save sets within the environment.
Which EMC solution meets these requirements?


9. A new customer has a complex IT environment consisting of many large database applications and file servers. They require the ability to configure and schedule their backups from one centralized management interface including hardware snapshot and replication support.
Which EMC product is recommended?


10. You are asked to provide a customer with centralized monitoring of multiple EMC Data Domain systems. The customer needs to track and forecast aggregated Data Domain system performance and growth, historically. Additionally, the customer wants to receive real-time, automated alerting to any configuration or policy changes across all Data Domain systems.
Which recommended solution meets these requirements?


11. A potential customer needs to perform centralized monitoring of multiple EMC Avamar servers and domains. The customer wants the ability to track and forecast system capacity growth and be alerted of both current and future needs.
Which EMC solution is recommended?


12. A customer is responsible for managing heterogeneous backup environments consisting of EMC NetWorker, Avamar, and Symantec NetBackup. The customer wants the ability to quickly and automatically detect and correlate performance and operations issues across the environment.
Which EMC solution is recommended?


13. A company is looking for a backup solution for their desktops and laptops. They have many office locations in different time zones and want the ability to back up to their centralized data center. However, they are concerned about the amount of backup traffic this will generate over the network.
What is a recommended solution?


14. A large bank with many offices is using an EMC Avamar server, located in a central data center, to protect executives’ Windows laptops. Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint servers are located in each branch. They also have a Microsoft SQL database located in the central data center that supports the branch’s banking operations.
They want to integrate a new EMC Data Domain system with Avamar in order to free up capacity for anticipated growth on the existing Avamar server.
Which type of data is a good candidate for Avamar/Data Domain integration?


15. In an EMC Data Protection Advisor environment, what is monitored by Predictive Analysis Engine rules?


16. What describes a use case for EMC NetWorker?


17. A customer is using EMC NetWorker with a tape library to perform full backups at the end of the month and daily incrementals. The restore process takes a long time as tapes must unload and reload. The customer needs to achieve a faster recovery.
What will help achieve the right RTO?


18. Which feature of EMC Data Domain systems maximizes storage efficiency?


19. Where is deduplicated data stored on an EMC Data Domain system?


20. A customer has two large EMC VNX systems with an average number of eight million files per volume. They are looking for a solution to reduce the amount of backup time and increase efficiency.
Which EMC product best fits these requirements?


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