E20-390 online test-VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

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Our E20-390 online test only offer 20 questions, it is provided in single choice,if you answer correct, you can get 5 points each questions.

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1. Which RecoverPoint/SE CDP component has the ability to provide application-specific annotations?


2. Which MirrorView data state indicates that mirroring has been stopped and a write intent or fracture log is needed to continue mirroring?


3. Which MirrorView configuration is used to replicate one primary image to two secondary images?


4. How many replication pairs are supported by VNX Replicator?


5. Which replication function is used for failover testing or data migrations with the source file system in production?


6. In the event the original source becomes unavailable, which Replicator configuration type allows the replication process to continue by using one of the four destination objects as the new source of the replication?


7. How does a VNX splitter treat incoming writes to a production volume protected by RecoverPoint/SE CRR?


8. In which situation is virtual RPAs only supported for the deployment of a RecoverPoint/SE CRR solution?


9. A system administrator needs an AppSync user role with the ability to:

-Subscribe to a data service plan -Create a copy on demand -Remove data from a subscription -Setup a SQL server on a host

Which user role should be granted?


10. Which state allows the user to delete an FLR-enabled file?


11. Where can encryption be implemented using VNX Host Encryption?


12. On which VNX storage object is FLR implemented?


13. Which third-party facilities are provided by VNX Event Enabler?


14. How is ESXi CPU management related to VNX storage performance?


15. What are two preferred ESXi multipathing solutions for accessing storage on a VNX?


16. Which ESXi memory management technique can have an impact on or be impacted by VNX storage?


17. A storage administrator has just replaced the SPS battery pack on a VNX 8000 series array. The front battery packs status LEDs indicate “yellow”.

What is the cause?


18. Which commands are used to disable Dial Home and email notifications before replacing the failed part?


19. How many disks are recommended to expand a capacity tier with a RAID 5 (4+1) configuration?


20. Before creating a CIFS server that will participate in a Microsoft Windows Domain, which EMC best practice should be followed?


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