E20-390 online exam-VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

E20-390 exam is a qualifying exam for the EMC Implementation Engineer VNX Solutions Specialist track.

E20-390 exam focuses on the knowledge and activities involved in implementing VNX Series Block-based SAN solutions (FC, and iSCSI) and File-based NAS solutions (NFS and CIFS) in heterogeneous virtualized open systems environments. This includes implementing and configuring the array, host and client access, local replication solutions, and using Unisphere to configure, manage, and monitor VNX Series environments.

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Exam Topics

Block Storage Provisioning and Management
RAID Groups and Classic LUNs
Pools and Pool LUNs
FAST Cache
Managing Host Access to Block Storage
Access Logix, LUN masking and mapping, and configuration requirements
Connectivity requirements for host integration
VNX FC, and iSCSI connections to a Microsoft Windows, Linux, and ESXi hosts
Managing Host Access to File Storage
Data Mover networking
File systems and AVM
Exporting file systems for NFS
Exporting file systems for CIFS
Virtual Data Mover configuration and requirements
Data Mover high availability
Local Replication
SnapView Snapshots and Clones theory of operations, requirements,configuration, and management
VNX Snapshots theory of operations, requirements, configuration, and management
VNX SnapSure theory of operations, requirements, configuration, and management
RecoverPoint/SE Local Protection theory of operations and use cases
Remote Replication
MirrorView theory of operations and use cases
VNX Replicator theory of operations and use cases
RecoverPoint/SE Remote Protection theory of operations and use cases
Application Security,and Compliance
Functional uses of the Application Protection Suite (Replication Manager,and AppSync)
Functional uses of the Event and Retention Suite ( File-Level Retention, and Event Enabler)
Considerations and best practices for VNX integration with VMware ESXi
VNX Basic Installation and Maintenance
VNX hardware logical design and capabilities
VNX maintenance procedures and considerations

1.A user is creating a dynamic disk on a Windows host. The first disk is fully utilized. Writes continue to the next disk. Which volume type did they select?
A. Striped
B. Spanned
D. Mirrored
Answer: B

2.Which Linux distribution supports both MPFS and pNFS?
A. CentOS
B. RedHat
C. Fedora
D. Debian
Answer: B

3.What are the severity levels available with Unisphere event notifications?
A. Critical and Informational
B. High and Low
C. Critical and Low
D. High and Warning
Answer: A

4.The preferred path to your VMware ESX host failed. Which native multi-pathing policy will revert to the preferred path when it is restored?
A. Fixed only
B. MRU only
C. Round-robin
D. Bath Fixed and MRU
Answer: A

5.How does the VNX handle LUN ownership changes so that the access path to the LUN is available to both SPs simultaneously?
A. By the host software being aware of SP ownership
B. By the SPs sharing ownership of the LUNs
C. By using ALUA Failover Mode
D. By the LUN being trespassed.
Answer: C

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